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How to pause to find/relearn purpose

In our unending fast-pace way of life, it's easy to feel the need to always be doing something. Sometimes the doing can be good things that restore energy; however, with the urge to constantly be doing, sometimes the over frequency of doing what recharges you can actually be draining. That's what I discovered when doing my daily Happiness Recharge posts. For the first six months of 2021, I'd post something uplifting, even on the days I wasn't feeling uplifting. I was pulling from a source I wasn't replenishing. I'd forgotten the foundation that my Happiness Recharge began naturally and authentically where inspirational and philosophical thoughts came to mind when I spent time in nature and/or creating/playing, like with my macro kaleidoscope photography. Instead, I was appeasing the social media Gods by thinking that producing constant content was the only way to get people's attention. In turn, I was overdoing without recharging (ironic given the fact that I preach the importance of recharging). But since I am learning how to live my best life as much as anyone else, I still have times where it helps to pause and rethink about my reason for action. When was the last time you took a step back and thought about the purpose for whatever it is you are constantly doing? Perhaps in your pondering, you could discover that what you think should recharge you is actually draining you, like I did this month with my social postings. In my pondering, I remembered and relearned that my Happiness Recharge movement isn't a daily task to check off my unending list, but rather it's my outlet for creativity and an authentic way I love to inspire others to be at their best by recharging. Our culture doesn't reward slowing down, nor is it commonly understood. But when you do it, you make room for clarity. Sometimes you need to step away from doing something for a day; sometimes it can take a week or a month or even longer. Sometimes maybe you'll stop something you didn't realize was draining you and you'll never want to start again. The point is to pause long enough to allow your mind to catch up to recharge. If you're always grinding forward, you'll never know where the natural source of fuel and drive comes from. Here are some tips on how you can pause to find purpose and clarity:

  1. Learn what recharges and drains you (which can change often). Click here for an exercise to identify what these are for you (find this in the first section of my free virtual retreat).

  2. Give yourself permission to pause. Even if you have a rigid goal, make a new rule that allows you to step back and evaluate.

  3. Slow down with a guided meditation. It doesn't require skills to meditate and a guided one makes it easier to relax. Click here to find some Happiness Recharge meditations, like a walk in the woods.

  4. Carve out time for good sleep. If you're not getting ample rest, it's harder to find clarity. Do whatever is needed to get some quality shut eye. Perhaps shift your schedule to go to bed earlier and limit your screen time in bed and prioritize the rest your body needs.

  5. Give yourself time. Clarity and aha moments don't always happen overnight, especially if you have a busy life. Be patient and kind to yourself. Know you will find your answer by not being overly critical toward yourself.

This life is yours to live. You have the power to slow things down when needed. The demands of keeping up with our cultural society are built on common norms. Why not be the one who helps set a new norm by prioritizing your self-care? For more Happiness Recharge articles, click here.

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