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Something's reawakened -- and just in the (Saint) nick of time

This past year I stepped away from Happiness Recharge. When I did this, I didn't know if it would be permanent or short-lived. But today I can say that something has reawakened. I've had a spark reignite that I need to share with others.

While I'd been returning to Happiness Recharge slowly over the past couple of months (you may have seen my new "notes to self" social posts), today I wanted to announce that I've just released a new book, which was inspired from my journey of healing (from three tickborne diseases).

This is no ordinary book. It's a powerful tool I created to help others who also are looking to heal. It's called, Recharging Logbook: Tracking Journal to Live Better.

This Recharge Logbook is meant for anyone who wants to have a greater understanding of their health and well-being.

It is divided into sections by each month of the year. It includes:

  • Two timeline graphs (for each month) – which are useful overview snapshots to have a high-level understanding of your well-being:

    • One to track symptoms (be they acute or chronic ailments)

    • Another to track rechargers (things that refuel you)

  • Messages of encouragement at the beginning of each month

  • A daily journal (space for all 365 days of the year), which allows you to log details of your everyday life: sleep quantities, stress level, pain level, diet, exercise, medications, supplements, vitamins, your notes

This logbook is significant. Not just because of its 416 pages (plenty of room to enter a years worth of information), but also because it's a tool to provide grounding for oneself.

During my healing process, where I was looking for answers that couldn't be found, I tracked my ongoing symptoms and medications every single day. I charted these out on a timeline to have a bigger picture of my health (and see where I was improving and where I wasn't). Doing this gave me a sense of grounding I needed while going through something immensely challenging. I also shared what I tracked with (many) doctors/providers who also found it useful and acknowledged that the information helped them make better decisions.

To chart things out I just sent myself an email every day with my symptoms and medications and I compiled data into a timeline chart at the end of the month. This took lots of time and dedication. I thought a lot about how I could make this process easier and not reliant on technology. Technology is great, but I wanted something simple and tangible that I could grab for a few minutes and be done for the day.

So that's how this logbook came to be. I want to share this tool with others who may also be experiencing ongoing ailments and who want to see a bigger and more detailed picture of their health.

I'd been wanting (and hoping) something positive would come out of my difficult experience. And this is definitely something positive. While I walked my path of healing without a roadmap, I didn't realize at the time that I was creating one, one that can now be used by others.

If you know someone or are someone who would benefit from having a deeper understanding about their health, I'd encourage you to get this logbook (maybe it'd even make a good stocking stuffer for this holiday season).

Through my own practices of daily logging, I've been able to glean insights no provider could give me. I couldn't not share this tool because we all deserve more knowledge on how to live better.

May you and yours have a healthy and happy holiday.

Kelly Stone Cramer

Creator of Happiness Recharge


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