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Three Beasts: A Poem

A poem by Kelly Stone Cramer

One luminous autumn day, I took a reluctant walk in the woods.

Ignoring a pounding headache, I hiked with my sibling to see their goods.


I weaved and bobbed past tree branches from whapping my face.

Onwards we walked; I was shuffling along at a begrudging pace.


As an avid nature lover, this walk broke my heart.

Because I met three beasts that day named Borrelia, Ana, and Bart.


The walk itself only lasted a few hours.

But upon returning to my life, I felt it had stolen all my powers.  


Western doctors were baffled and in disbelief.

I slipped through their cracks and was only left with grief.


My mind was fuzzy and my nerves were fried. 

As symptoms piled on, I wondered if it would have been better if I had just died.

Then I found a helping hand.

Someone who believed me and who could understand.


I was introduced to the Eastern plants that heal.

For thousands of years, they evolved to fight against what the beasts hungered to steal.


The promise of their aid was welcomed and their stimulus was gentle.

But the time it took to heal felt dreadfully monumental. 


Now I've recovered and am grateful for healing from the disease.

I’ll never forget the three beasts that brought me to my knees. 

I learned that the most valuable things in life are love and time.

I am grateful every day that I healed from the beastly Lyme.


This poem was inspired by my experience of healing from three tickborne diseases. Another creation that was inspired by this experience was my creation of a logbook -- an immensely powerful tool that helped me have a deeper perspective into my condition on a daily basis.

Note to logbook users: I created this easy-to-use logging journal to help anyone with ongoing ailments have a better understanding of themselves and to see at-a-glance how their condition is evolving. In 2021, I contracted three tickborne diseases, and my recovery was long and enigmatic. As a data analyst by day, I had the know-how to log my symptoms and medications to share with (many) doctors. Logging things and charting them out gave me a sense of grounding, which was welcomed while recovering from something incredibly difficult. I wanted to produce something that could be used by anyone. Whether they have technical computer skills or not, I wanted to help others feel the same sense of stability I did when logging symptoms and daily details. Whatever your ailments, I hope you find this useful and valuable. Most importantly, I hope it gives you illumination that might shed light on your particular situation and provide hope within yourself. Find the Recharging Logbook (and other Happiness Recharge books) here.

The best time to give up is NEVER! - Kelly Stone Cramer, Happiness Recharge Author


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