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Discover the power of meditation with Happiness Recharge

I am thrilled to introduce my latest book, Gentle Recharging. Whether you're a seasoned meditator or just starting your journey, this book is designed to help you find inner peace, reduce stress, and cultivate happiness in your life with simple exercises.


I created this book following a healing journey from three debilitating tickborne illnesses. For a while it was hard to trust that the healing was real, there to stay, and that my body was stable. Through my training as a certified guided imagery meditation facilitator, I created these exercises which allowed me to calm my mind, recharge and reconnect with my healthy body. Knowing they helped me was a validation that they could equally help others also in their recharging practices. 

What makes Gentle Recharging unique?

  • Comprehensive Meditation Guide: Gentle Recharging provides you with a comprehensive guide to different meditation techniques, including mindfulness, loving-kindness, and body scan meditations. Each technique is explained in a clear and accessible way, making it easy for anyone to start and maintain a daily practice.

  • Practical Tips for Everyday Life: Beyond the meditation practices, this book also offers practical tips for incorporating mindfulness into your everyday life. Learn how to bring mindfulness to your relationships, work, and daily activities, creating a more balanced and fulfilling life.

  • Easy to Incorporate: Gentle Recharging allows you to be flexible in the time you spend meditating. It can be as long or brief as you'd like. These meditation exercises act as a powerful tool for personal growth and transformation.

Take a sneak peek inside Gentle Recharging:

These exercises are meant to help you find stillness in your life to decompress more and let go of heavy thoughts and stress. You can choose to either follow the sequence of this book in the order it is organized or you can flip randomly to a page to select the exercise that fits your purpose. 

Whether you're new to meditation practices or are well versed in them, this book is an easy reference to use as it doesn't require hours of time each day. 


However you use this book, take pride in knowing you are taking this time for you to recharge. When you're recharged, you have the potential to have more energy to live a fuller life. 

This book is available in paperback or ebook today.

You can find the Gentle Recharging book (and all Happiness Recharge books) here:


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