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Are You Ready to Abound?

I came here to abound – to flourish and be greater than how I came into this world. To you dear reader, I hope this for you too. We all deserve to experience growth, joy, and peace.

But when I am not up to this aspiration, I focus on recharging myself (like today, I am feeling pretty drained from a surgery recovery I had last month). But just because I’m in healing mode doesn't mean I can't focus the energy I do have on something that recharges me. Focusing on recharging in a certain way is like making a sure bet that energy will compound. But understanding there is more than one way to recharge makes all the difference in how it can be most beneficial.

I recharge not just my body, I recharge my mind and mindset with things that lift me up and bring me joy. There are a few different methods you can use to recharge yourself regardless of how you feel at various moments – be that with low energy, exuberant energy, or somewhere in between.

Types of recharging methods:

  1. Relaxation recharging: this is what you need to do to replenish your energy when you are depleted. You could have multiple methods you like to use to relax on a scale of urgent recharging (when your energy is running on fumes) to preventative recharging (when you take time to exercise, take in nourishment, and prioritize self-care). 

  2. Self-challenge/growth recharging: this is what you haven't yet perfected and are eager and drawn to learn more through experience. You'd spend time with this recharging method when you are energetic and looking to expand yourself.

  3. Passionate recharging: this is what lights you up and where you exude love. You may feel at home here or just revel in this space. You'd spend time with this method at multiple variations of energy because it both expands and refuels you.

Without knowing your rechargers, it can be tough to understand which ones help you to relax versus grow versus thrive. One of my favorite recharging exercises I created identifies five of your rechargers. They are then broken down by category so you understand where your passions are in comparison to what helps you to grow or relax. This activity also identifies what drains you too. You can find this recharger identification exercise on YouTube; it is customizable and unique to you. It is also part of a free online recharge retreat you can find here.

Full disclosure, I did this exercise myself today (it wouldn't be worth much if I didn't practice what I preached). I've done this exercise several times and the outcomes are always different and specific to what I am going through in my life now. I always find something I wasn't expecting. I know I am biased, but if a good exercise is worth its salt, it should have aha moments that provide you with nuggets of surprises to help guide you. 

Overall, you know how you feel day-to-day. You know what you need, and with the recharger identification exercise, you'll have a deeper understanding of what will suit you most. But if you don't take time to recharge often, you will eventually burn out. 

We all deserve to rest and recharge. When we do, we become something greater than how we entered this world. We get to abound.

May you build yourself up often with what recharges you the most.

Kelly Stone Cramer 

P.S., I released a meditation book a couple of weeks ago that I’m very proud of; it's called Gentle Recharging: 52 Simple and Calming Meditation Exercises. I began writing it last spring (when I moved 300 miles to northern Minnesota). This creation process was interesting -- some days it came out fast and relentless and some days stalled altogether. But the biggest motivator came from wanting to help others have recharging tools. 

My reason comes from personal experiences where I have surpassed being a people pleaser and prioritize self-care; I have healed from three debilitating tickborne diseases; I am currently healing from a necessary surgery to remove muscular tumors. 

What came from my triumphs of healing and recovery was this feeling of wanting to help others with the same resources that helped me along my journey to abound. Thus this book was made to help others restore, heal, and find peace by way of simple and calming meditation exercises. 

All my Happiness Recharge books have a purpose behind them: to help others recharge. But this one -- this one has the most heart and compassion. If this resonates with you, you can find it here: or also by searching on Amazon for Gentle Recharging

May we all find more balance, health, happiness, and recharge often to ensure those things keep coming back around.


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