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A brief note

I will be resuming with my normal weekly recharge message tomorrow, but for today, I felt pulled to provide a brief note of encouragement.

Given the ongoing and new violence on top of a pandemic, the world feels a bit like a stormy hurricane swirling right now and I'm sure I'm not the only one wondering when things will dissipate. Until the clouds part, my wish for everyone is to find inner strength while showing respect and kindness to others. I hope you can find some inner peace as the world spins.

While it does, it's now more important than ever to prioritize recharging with self-care. It'll help keep you balanced and grounded to continue forward. Remember to fall back on activities that recharge you the most. And if all you can do right now is exist, that's fine too. 

The winds will eventually shift for the better. How I know this is because each and every one of us has the power to be a part of this positive picture. I have faith in human kind's future, well-being, and prosperity. It's okay if you don't right now. I'll hold space there for you until you do by continuing to provide you with these recharge messages.  

Stay safe, be well, and most importantly, be kind. 

Peace and love to you all,  

Kelly Stone Cramer

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