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Image by Carmine Savarese

Recharge yourself often.

Meet The Founder

Kelly Stone Cramer is a motivational author, meditation facilitator, founder of Happiness Recharge, retreat leader, artist, and nature photographer. Kelly's mission is to help others feel strong and empowered to better themselves. This includes moving past stress, feeling calmer and healthier in the mind and body, and choosing self-care over people-pleasing.

She believes the foundation of living a happy confident life comes from self-care. Her content provides resources to help you recharge often using books, articles, photography, blogs, and more. As a multi-media indie author, all content is original material and also acts as an example to help normalize prioritizing self-care.


Happiness Recharge materials are resources to help you feel strong, peaceful, and empowered to better yourself. 

"When I wanted to improve my life for the better, I found that I had to change myself for the better first. After seeking and finding recharging outlets that transformed me, I went from being a disempowered people-pleaser who was living for everyone else to being a strong and empowered person who prioritized self-care.

Recharging can mean different things to different people. It can even change over time for you. I aim to share reminders and resources to help you recharge often and to help inspire you to find
your strength, empowerment, peace, and happiness much like I found mine."

- Kelly Stone Cramer

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