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September 26, 2018

In the english language, we have only one word for love. But like a well-grounded tree root, it can sprout into a variety of directions. When it comes to interacting with others on a daily basis (friends, family, colleagues, classmates, neighbors, strangers, etc.), love can mean treating others with respect, equality, and kindness regardless of age, gender, race, beliefs or way of life. 


The whirlwind of our days can be demanding, fast and some times down right exhausting. With speed and fatigue, sometimes we forget to inject a softer, gentler version of ourselves and grind away until our duties are done, our goals are met and others in our way are possibly steam-rolled into submission. But are our duties ever really done? The grind can turn into a constant cycle, demanding it to be fed with our energy at a forever increasing pace. What ensues from this direction is a life lacking the full potential of love, not to mention an exhausting way of living.


When we accept a lack of human connection and fill it with isolated frigidness toward others, it can lead to coping in ways that are not healthy, like placing a heavier command on what we consume, how we crave power/control, or worse, draining it dry from those who do show us love, which can swell into imbalanced relationships. 


We need love. It's one of the most magnificent expressions of life. Without it, corrosion can harden our hearts and lead us into too much darkness. Make it a priority and lighter days will appear. 


By leading with love-infused actions, not only can we rise above life's muck, we can inject positivity in our environment. This doesn't require colossal acts of love and kindness, it's more about making microdecisions and keeping it top of mind to become a leading inner compass -- like taking time to listen to someone who needs to be heard, being patient with someone while they're learning, giving others a break and remembering that every individual is only displaying a small fraction of their story.


We forget at times we are all in the same race together -- the human race. We're all in this world together to live, to thrive, to learn, to laugh, to play, to grow, and to love. Imagine if you infused everything you do with love. It would ripple out beyond your reach and influence others for the betterment of the race. 


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