Accepting Impatience

September 5, 2018


When was the last time you were excited about having to wait for something good to come your way? Like waiting for pay day, waiting for your favorite holiday, waiting for dinner when you're hungry, waiting to see your loved ones, etc. A good example of this is the Stanford marshmallow experiment. If you're like the kids who failed this test, you probably don't enjoy waiting either. 


For the past seven months, I've learned about how I handle patience (as my husband and I are building our house; well, we aren't, but our builders are). For me, this hasn't just been about seeing the beautiful evolution of our dream coming to life and having to be patient to move in, it has also been about withstanding the things that are going awry in the place we are living while waiting. I'll spare you the details, but I will say that I will sleep better when we leave our current abode (and there isn't a new weekly issue).  


After confiding with a dear friend that I was struggling with being patient, she pointed out that patience is not a strength in most. Her words lightened my load immediately. It made me think. I didn't feel so different from others and I realized I was not only trying to be better at being patient, I was stressing out that I wasn't a patient person. Acceptance of my impatience allowed me to lean in to who I am and not try to "fix" who I am. 


Acceptance of the self is one of the greatest achievements I believe a person can reach. One of my favorite pep pics I created touches on this. It reads: Acceptance looks past the problem and lets reality be the solution. It's not about trying to escape or throw a toddler-hissy-fit when life doesn't go your way. It's about facing life's reality and going with its flow. 


What do you need to accept within yourself today, this week, this month, this year, that will allow you to let go of the burden you've been holding? What have you been trying to fix that doesn't need fixing?


I learned that impatience is not something you must improve upon. It's something you need to accept. 


I accept that I am impatient. It's teaching me lessons about how to cope with a difficult situation I experience, and I wouldn't trade these life lessons because they are molding me into a stronger person -- something that definitely does not need fixing. 


May you find acceptance in impatience and other personal attributes that don't need fixing. It's once you accept, that you can truly let go, embrace and live more freely.


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