Are you getting what you need?

August 8, 2018


It’s a simple question and deep down, you absolutely know the answer. The good news is that whatever the answer, you can influence your situation because you’re the one driving your life. But what if you’re driving along and you see an attraction you want to check out, and another, and another. You keep stopping along your route and before you know it, you may have even forgotten what direction you were going and your destination too.


I was recently having a conversation with my sister (an amazing body care entrepreneur) about my passion project for Happiness Recharge. This past year, I went in multiple directions, which seemed to happen all at once. I had a lot of attractions I wanted to see. I was writing books and blogs, I was leading workshops and retreats, I was doing online events, I even started screen printing. I was all over the map – SQUIRELL! 


On top of that, life came into play and became a bigger priority when my husband and I decided to build a house (not with our own two hands, but with a fantastic family-owned builder). It’s nearly finished with two months yet to go; talk about a major shift in my brain focus. 


So, I decided to shelve my passion project for the summer and a break is just what I needed. I got clarity on what really drove my passion in the first place. The answer for me was creativity. I am a creativity junky! I love having my thoughts come to life in a tangible way, hence why I loved combining my photography and writing into my empowerment books. 


While I’m still technically taking a break from my passion project, I am looking forward to jumping back into creativity once the dust settles with the business that surrounds me. 


I found what I needed by taking a step back and giving myself a break. Now I ask you reader, who has their eyeballs on this article, when was the last time you gave yourself a break to truly find what it is that you need?


May this encourage you to do so more often.  Lastly, even though life moves fast, it doesn’t mean you have to robotically keep every gear moving all at once. Empower yourself to turn the switches on or off as you need. 


Enjoy the rest of your summer! Peace out!

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