What are your credentials?

May 14, 2018

Have your qualifications ever been questioned? It's bad enough when our inner voice makes us question if we're enough, but even worse when we hear it from someone's mouth. 


As a self-made empowerment author, the core of my material is about narrowing in on feeling like you're enough, growing inner-strength and realizing that you're extraordinary just as you are right now. I myself have gone through past transformation that made me stronger, allowed me to find my voice after my whole life of people-pleasing, approval seeking and being unhappy. 


But I recently discovered that even though I am now immensely strong and empowered, I am not immune to letting someone get to me, nor am I made of armor. 


How I came upon this discovery was like walking into a camouflaged trap -- you know the ones in movies where there is a path that looks safe and secure and then BAM, the characters in a story are, to their surprise, captured in a net. I say this because family members sometimes provide this false sense of security. In my experience, they are the best people to teach us growth lessons, especially when they don't understand you. 


Back to my discovery. I heard a question from my grandmother (pertaining to writing and speaking about empowerment) that hit me to the core: "What are your credentials?" In her mind, it was a fair question, but I felt it came from a place of judgement. I touched on a few things but found it hard to explain since she isn't even on the same page with how beautiful my empowerment transformation was. So, rather than defend myself, I gave her my books. She doesn't have to understand, and I don't need her to understand why I have an abundance of credentials to be passionate to help others to empower themselves. I accept that not everyone will understand my passion or even get me (that goes for anyone inside or outside my family). 


I'm glad I'm not made of armor, that things still pierce me. It allows me to continue to grow, to learn, to find opportunities to make me even stronger than I am today. Isn't that one of the main reasons we're all here? To experience and heal and love ourselves along the way?


In a recent happiness retreat I co-hosted this past weekend, I touched on how important it is to allow ourselves to feel the full spectrum of emotion, and not just try try try to make ourselves feel happy all of the time. In fact, when you allow yourself to feel the full spectrum, you gain perspective of what makes you feel the best. By not resisting tough emotions, you also get through things at a quicker pace and are able to get to the good feelings faster. 


This experience provided an epiphany for me, and it's built off of the "show 'em what you're made of" kind of lesson. Next time someone questions your qualifications, your credentials, your purpose, sharing what you're made of goes farther than showing and saying what you're made of. In my case, I just shared my books with someone of a different generation and mindset. Whether she gets anything from it is not the point. It's that I not only showed her, I shared with her a tangible piece of my passion. And why it doesn't matter if she gets anything from it is because I was true to myself, and no-one can question that. 


May you be courageous in the face of adversity. May you push through and feel all of your emotions that deserve to come through you. May you find strength at the end of a lesson. And most of all, may you understand that you are ALWAYS enough regardless of internal and external questioning. 


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