Finding the Light Within: A Personal Journey to Feeling Alive Again

April 17, 2018

The following blog was written by a dear friend of mine, rather, a soul sister. About five years ago we found each other while going through a program that helped both of us rid our lives of feeling lost and stuck (read more about how we met here). I am honored to be connected with her still and I am so very grateful for our connection with one another. May her words below inspire you to find your own light within and feel more alive. 


My years of people pleasing in order to be accepted had taken its toll on my livelihood, because in the need to be accepted, I’d forgotten how to just be myself. If only I could make sense of why people didn’t accept me for who I was, then all would be ok. I could just follow their rules, right? The inner child had grown up too fast and the internal voice had gone from whispers to screams of desperation that something had to change.  


The façade of external positivity had worn thin, and I was busting apart on the inside wondering and pleading to GOD for ways to really feel happy again. I never associated “light within” as the thing that I could lose track of. It truly is something we’re born with and through the years, it’s easy to throw veils over it repeatedly until only a mere shadow appears.  


In the Spring of 2013, my prayers were answered. My hair stylist, who I’d been seeing for about 15 years at that time, shared with me about a program that helped people get happy. I became all ears as she was sharing about the brain and how the “happy center” was basically turned off in humans because we are all so stressed out. I went to a presentation to learn more, and skip ahead five years, my business, BeYOUtiful Life LLC was born, and now I facilitate a gentle touch personal growth program that helps people not only get happy, but through the leverage of the latest breakthroughs In Neuroscience, helps them get comfortable in their own skin. This program aided me to help myself and others get back to the light within; all through the power of the brain.


There are no more facades; I’ve become alive again simply by being myself. I know now that I didn’t need to make sense of any rules to follow, I just needed to wake up to myself. My life is forever changed. Self-care has become my priority, and through loving myself first, I share positivity from a place of confident knowing, understanding and generosity, while at the same time choosing those people (like my pal Kelly) and situations that help me rise higher.  Now, it’s now my passion to help people live in their fullest potential! 


What does this all mean? There is a part of the brain responsible for happiness, joy, peace and courage, and science says that it’s 95 percent asleep. Waking up simply involves bringing more energy and aliveness into the area of the body that’s mostly sleeping. I compare brain fatigue to muscle fatigue; only, when we’re tired in our brain, we lose the capacity to be ourselves.  We don’t have the where-with-all to even try, and then we suffer from lack of courage, clarity, happiness and connectedness.

What does this feel like? Well, just imagine the best day of your life lived over and over again. This feeling is our birthright state, and it exists in us; it just needs to be unveiled. 


If you’re ready to feel more alive, I am here to guide you to find your inner light. It’s my turn to give back and help others find their way like I did. I want to not just invite you but summon you to change your life by attending an upcoming day-retreat on May 12: High Vibe Happiness, which I’m co-hosting with Kelly Stone Cramer. It’s your turn. You deserve to have a transformational breakthrough. This uplifting retreat is the place it will happen.


About Michelle: Michelle’s passion is bringing people to a new level of aliveness in their lives. She is a mom to three amazing children, and has been married for 22 years. She holds 25 years experience in healthcare as a Radiation Therapist, the last 11 of those years alongside a world renowned neurosurgeon. Her certification in energy and transformation evolved out of a personal desire to shift out of depression and back into joy. She now owns and operates BeYOUtiful Life LLC, where she facilitates personal transformation through a certified gentle touch technique, bringing energy to the higher centers of the brain. She is highly developed in the field of ontology, or the study of how to “be” as in human being. Her belief is that if we as individuals take on being the best version of ourselves, then the world can change. She empowers people to live authentic, courageous and free through the power of possibility and by simple organic shifts of energy in the brain. Read more about Michelle and her amazing business by visiting her website:

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