How to Prevent Happiness Deflation

March 28, 2018

Have you ever been in a great mood only to find your happy attitude deflated after being around negative people? Me too. For a long time, I fell victim to being drained by Debbie downers and Bob bummers. I'd be having a great day and then bam, the happy vibes would be sucked out of me from someone who spouted out their complaints, their negativity, their drama. 


Whether negative or positive, attitudes truly are contagious. When you're around people who are negative all the time, it can be easy to be pulled down to their level. We all know these people. They are our woven in our lives in our family, our circle of friends, our colleagues.


While I don't think these are bad people, I do think they're addicted to negativity because they don't know how to stop the cycle (which could include practicing positivity on a daily basis; i.e., being aware of what is coming out of one's mouth, saying more things that are positive and avoiding saying negative things all together). But this article isn't about how those people can be more positive, rather it's about how you can protect yourself from having your positivity zapped away from you when encountering these negative nellies.


First off, it's important to know that someone's negativity is theirs, not yours and you are not the cause of their attitude. It's about them and their own view of the world. Even if they blame you or point fingers at others, this way of being is a choice they are making. While life circumstances can have a big role in someone's situation, one's attitude always has a bigger impact. 


Secondly, when you stand your ground firmly with your values, speak your mind, stand up for yourself and know who you are, there will be less of a chance of your world being rocked by these negativity waves. 


Lastly, this practice will take time and when you feel a bit drained while you're still standing your positive ground, it's important to take a time out to reinflate and take care of yourself so you can come back even stronger than before. If you're still struggling, a silly way to get you out of their negative flow is to picture them as your favorite cartoon character. It becomes comical and you can have fun with this. This immediately takes you from an energy zapping situation to a light and fun one (I recommend holding in your laughter though as it may only make the other person upset). 


When you stand firm in your positivity, most likely, it will be easier to recognize when others are trying to deflate you and bring you down to their level, because misery truly does love company. Rather, when you stand strong, something amazing can happen instead. When you support them, listen and then offer your positive energy, opinions and values, you can actually inflate them while you maintain your positive vibe. Even if they aren't impacted, you remain unscathed and they may learn to complain to you less as they don't get the reaction from you they want. 

Doing this absolutely challenges the status quo because you then stop being a follower and you stand out as a leader. Use your courage to do this and take one step at a time if you are feeling anxious. Most importantly, know there is no wrong way to share your positivity. 


If this post resinated with you, you are in the right place. It's time to transform. It's time to invest in yourself. I am here to help you. How to connect: 

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