Close in on Purpose

October 22, 2017

There are so many things always competing for your time and attention, and sometimes it's all at once. Beyond what you should prioritize (basic needs, caring for yourself and your dependents, etc.), do you really hone in on what truly pulls at your soul? Or do you sometimes lose yourself in wanting to do it all? 


I'm not talking about what you do to decompress. There is nothing wrong with a little Netflix binge watching, kicking back with loved ones or burying yourself in a book or even Pinterest. I'm referring to taking time to close in on your true passion, your true mission, your true driving purpose that energizes you. 


If you are lucky enough to know what drives you, what gives you purpose or what is the core of your passion, congratulations. Many go their whole lifetime desperately searching for something to add meaning to their day. My passion stems from a burning fire within my gut to give others the tools they need to empower themselves. That burning comes from my own experience of lacking inner strength at one point in my life. It is what keeps me up long nights writing empowerment chapters for my next book. I want to put out more tools for others who are seeking to grow their confidence and personal empowerment so they don't have to come up empty handed like I did when searching for a good empowerment book. So how about you? What drives you and gives you purpose? 


It's powerful stuff to have a passion, but if you haven't yet identified yours, here are a couple way's you can shake it to the surface:


Have a you day. No company. No technology. Grab a notebook, your wallet and any other basic needs and go on a date with yourself. Go to dinner, go to a book store, go on a walk, go to a conservatory. These are just ideas. There is no wrong place to go (except for dark alleys or other sketchy places; don't put yourself in danger of course). The point is for you to get the sense of your own flow outside of your normal routine and rhythm. You also get the opportunity to slow down and reflect on what you're experiencing in the moment. In addition, you get to consult with yourself on where you'll go next, that could even include getting yummy ice-cream.


Journal. Journaling is not for teenage girls in the 80s/90s with NKOTB stickers plastered to a book with "I love Joe" written all over the inside. It is an extremely valuable tool that is available to you at any time you need. You can journal efficiently by writing out headers first. These could include: goals for the week/month/year, action steps for the week/month/year and if you want to make some "I love Joe" hearts, by all means, do that too. I created a journal with three sections that focus on Gratitude Goals and Growth. It's a handy tool which can be used as often as you like. I use mine weekly and it keeps me focused, appreciative and grounded. You can find it on my empowerment books page.


Developing a passion is an evolution. It takes time and it grows as you grow. You owe it to yourself to see it through and not ever give up. So keep going, keep growing and be open to finding or evolving your passionate purpose. It's a powerful part of life and a gift that is unique to for everyone.


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