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What recharges you most?

Like the ocean's tide that pushes the water up to shore and pulls it back to its vast abyss, I believe happiness is a feeling (not a destination) that comes and goes. When we're patient enough to observe this rhythm, we can see that our journey is about balance and contrast. If we were happy all of the time, how would we know what happiness really felt like? The construct of happiness is built to ebb and flow, always making its way back to us.  But life can be rough some times, which can mess with the natural rhythm of experiencing happiness. When that's the case, it's up to us as individuals to help nudge things in our favor instead of waiting for our happiness pendulum to swing back to us.   In order to create momentum toward more happiness, it's important to understand two things: 

  1. The things you do that make you feel happiness is the fuel that recharges you. 

  2. In the same sense, recharging activities can lead you toward more feelings of happiness.

This concept is cyclical. You could even say it has its own rhythm, which is created by you.  In order to thrive with this self-made rhythm, you must understand what it is that recharges you. While that may sound simple, we are complex human beings. I don't know about you, but depending on the season, the month, the day, or even the hour, what recharges me could mean something different.  To capture your moving targets, I've developed a five-minute exercise (see video below) to help identify what recharges you the most. The nice thing about this exercise is that you can do it at different times in your life and the answers will most likely change. This exercise ultimately acts as your map to help you along your journey to experience more happiness.  What you'll need for this exercise: 

  • Pen/pencil and paper

  • Sound on in your earbuds or speakers

  • Five to ten minutes of free time

May you identify what recharges you and make them a priority to experience more (much deserved) happiness in your life. Kelly Stone Cramer For more uplifting messages, view all past recharge tips here.</