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We are all ephemeral


A Happiness Recharge poem by Kelly Stone Cramer (Inspired by our world boiling over in 2020; may it bring you inspiration to prioritize peace and self-care.)

The masses of people that inhabit the earth keeps a truth hidden away. The truth is not too hard to find though if you let courage lead your way.

Ephemeral is the truth that is hidden in plain sight. With today’s worries, it can be hard to accept that the end can be as dark as night.

It can be difficult to fathom everyone will all leave this earth one by one. So, who then will continue to pick up the fight when we all are done?

Since the dawn of civilization, it seems we’ve been fighting. Instead, it’s our hearts we should have been lighting. Will future generations learn to love one another? What will they discern about humanity for it to recover?

At what point will our children’s children learn we’re all the same? And at the end of your life will you be able to say you’re happy with who you became?

Are you doing today things to help instill the peace? Remember you have limited time because we all will decease.

One can forget how this life can truly be a gift. And the heaviness of healing doesn’t have to be a solo lift.

We can all begin to do better by being understanding and kind. Remember we each have a choice to do good in the world as it’s how we were designed.

Slowing down our life’s pace can remind us to prioritize self-care. And appreciating our ephemeral days one at a time can help us stay aware.


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