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Time for a recharge, a Happiness Recharge

What Happiness Recharge stands for is in its name. But to break it down specifically, it's about taking time to recharge when you're running on empty. After a personal awakening about eight years ago, I discovered I was deficient in self-care. What I found at the end of recharging my self-care recalibration was a life full of empowerment and happiness. I began my mission to encourage others to make it a priority too because I believe everyone deserves the benefits that come from recharging.

Through the years I have authored recharging and empowerment books, I have become a certified guided imagery meditation facilitator, created illustrations for nature (cover) notebooks and have held live and virtual recharge retreats. I am proud of what I've built from the ground up to help others. My offerings at can help catapult others toward their self-care far faster than it took me.

I am also proud to introduce a new series to the site today called: Recharge Stories, which highlight real people and how they recharge their energy and find passion in their lives. I'm kicking off this series with two stories: one by a novelist who finds her inspiration from the ocean and one by me where I share one of my biggest rechargers.

My mission is far from over. I want to continue to spread the message that individuals must prioritize recharging self-care when they're on empty. And so I'm asking you, dear reader, to help. I need your help to spread this message. There are a number of things you can do: share the web resources you find valuable on social, verbally share the website/retreats/books with loved ones and if you want to be a super-sharer, you can email me (at to say you're interested and I'll share more details. As a thank you to my super-sharers, I'll be gifting you a half-day virtual retreat.

Thank you for being engaged in this mission. My it inspire you to recharge often, especially when you're on empty.

Kelly Stone Cramer


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