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THANK YOU! (healthcare workers and others who serve the greater good)

So much of what we have seen this year has been like residual pond scum either rising to the surface from days past or new filth that has settled on the bottom and bred something toxic. As a writer that focuses on happiness, self-care, and finding a silver lining, this year, between a pandemic, civil unrest, and the divide of our nation, has been quite the challenge. 2020 has revealed some rough characters, not just individually, but on a mass level, it’s shown ugliness in some that haven’t shown respect or care for others. A much-needed spotlight has revealed their ugliness to the rest of us. Their indecent ways can help us all work to course-correct toward change for a better world; one where we are all treated as the equals we truly are; one where everyone can have a voice; one where we can feel safe; one where health and well-being is given the utmost priority. As we phase into the new year, I know hope isn’t lost, and good and caring people are out there. The fact that you’re reading this likely means you’re one of them. As such, you bring goodness into the world and that is exceedingly worth holding onto from last year into the next and beyond. I want to extend a word of thanks to you for upholding higher standards for humanity. The more good you put into the world, the more good can come out of the world. Thank you and please continue your moral, decent, noble, respectful, wholesome, caring, and loving ways. We need it going into the new year more than ever. Let’s start by refocusing the spotlight onto those who do right by others. I believe they are the majority, not the minority. It’s hard to believe or fathom this at times because so much negativity has monopolized so much media attention. More deserving of our attention are those on the front lines like health care workers who consistently show up to care for anyone who walks through their doors, COVID or no COVID. Without them, we’d be lost. They not only assist others back to health, but they are also pillars that stand strong in the face of grief – for themselves and for others. While suffering loss every day, still they hold it together to keep the health care system moving forward even while hospitals overflow with patients; and even while hope remains a long way away despite there now being a vaccine. While many of us are celebrating the holidays, and feeling a small sigh of relief, they’re still in the weeds thrashing away and fighting for the rest of us to be healthy. They are an exemplary group who make the world a brighter place despite working in some of the darkest of places. If you know a healthcare worker, take a moment to send them a note, a text, an email, or make a phone call and tell them ‘thank you’ for their constant and selfless caring of others. The thanks will fuel them to keep going. You don’t have to be an angelic healthcare worker to make the world a brighter place; maybe you’re a teacher who is giving it your all for your students in new and challenging ways be that virtually or in-person; maybe you deliver groceries each week to a household that has a family member with an underlying condition (this is true for my household as well as for my parents' and I am excessively grateful for those who deliver); maybe you wear a mask everywhere you go to demonstrate health safety and respect towards others; maybe you sacrifice seeing friends and family and stay home often to help prevent the spread of COVID by limiting your contact. For your service and sacrifice, especially if you haven't heard it lately or at all, Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! May you continue being an important supporter and leader that upholds others; may you find strength through your own self-care practices; and may you find more happiness in the year ahead that is hopefully filled with relief and recharging outlets.

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