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Sometimes the key to restoration is TIME

I wish there was a secret shortcut to share with you about the best way to recharge. I recently discovered that sometimes there is no such thing as a quick method back to the best version of yourself. However, the positive thing I can share is that the thing that gets you closer to restoration is time.

These past couple of seasons have put my recharging methods to the test while recovering from Lyme and a couple of other elusive tickborne microbial intruders. I dug deep into my toolbox and reached for all my best practices to recharge my energy, but nothing aided me to snap back to normal.

On my worst days where I had little to no energy nor much brain power, I became aware of a short list of foundational elements, since all the other layers of human complexities melted away. Items that remained at my core mindset included: determination (to get back to full health through any means necessary), gratitude (for my life -- all I have experienced and have yet to experience), appreciation (for other people known and unknown who may or may not be dealing with healing or surviving with a chronic ailment), ephemeral (with the remembrance that life is fleeting and precious).

On my best days, the rest of the layers of human complexities would all come back where I'd stress or care about the little things again, like running errands or getting things checked off my to-do lists.

Today I find myself fluctuating between the best and worst days, but I am mostly on the side of the best days, which are becoming more constant.

Before all this, before my energy flatlined, I felt I had mastered a lot of methods to recharge my energy. The funny thing is I still believe that to be true. But the lesson I learned and am still learning here is that it takes TIME to recharge and restore to thy best self.

While we all live through these days that challenge our world (be that the pandemic, inequality injustices, worldwide violence, and more that can test even the strongest of spirits), I share these words as a reminder and an example -- whatever you are going through or being challenged by right now, give yourself a break, give yourself love, but most importantly, give yourself the gift of time.

May time gift back to you: lessons, insights, healing, and love.

Important health note: Please note that time is not the only thing that provides healing. If you’re going through something that requires medical attention, please get the care you need. Remember that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, it is a demonstration of investing in your own happiness – a true symbol of strength.

Kelly Stone Cramer

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