Quick! Gimme an outlet to recharge!

I often see faces with gaping stares, looks of shock, and ghost-like cloaks. I am not talking about Halloween movies or living in a haunted house, rather this is my interpretation of what electrical wall outlets look like to me.  Designed to safely connect to our devices, these ghostly-faced-outlets are a great reminder that having personal outlets of our own are needed.  Just like connecting a device to a wall, you won't function without a source of power. And since humans are complex beings, having multiple outlets in life is not just a nice-to-have, they are essential in order to find and attain balance.  Why are outlets so important? They allow for a necessary cycle of letting the negative out while simultaneously letting in the positive. Essentially, you're removing low/lacking energy (i.e., negativity, sadness, stress) with high/restorative energy (i.e., positivity, balance, happiness).  For example, exercise allows for a release of stress while also bringing in new energy (if done regularly); journaling/writing can allow for a release of a stressful situation from a looping mind, while at the same time stopping energy from being drained; craft hobbies allow for an expressive output flow of creativity while experiencing an intake of joy.  Ultimately, the benefits of a personal outlet are not just about taking in more energy or positivity, it's also about having a channel to express yourself to replace the low energy or negativity.  Take right now for instance. You and I are participating in an outlet. For me, writing this content allows me to express my ambition to encourage others to prioritize their self-care by way of having outlets -- just like my crafting example, it allows for a flow of creativity while I'm also experiencing a sense of purpose and joy from helping and encouraging others. For you, I am hopeful this is acting as an outlet to apply to your self-care practices in order to release negativity and add more joy and balance to your life.  To prove that multiple outlets are necessary, I should share that I have felt less stress about a worldwide issue that brings me a personal sense of stress and sadness: non-ethical manufacturing (meaning: forced child labor, abused workers, poor quality materials, manufacturing being forced out of the U.S., etc.). Since starting a new Instagram account that allows me to channel my frustration into action through researching, purchasing, and posting about ways individuals can make a difference to consume ethically, I have felt less angry and helpless (I even roped my like-minded father into this endeavor). While I know I am only one person combatting this issue, after starting this effort, I’ve seen I’m not alone; I see that there are other passionate people doing the same thing. I also believe that it’s allowing my feelings of negativity to be released instead of loop and fester in my mind. You can check out the account here if you're interested (Pocketbook_Voting). Again, since humans are complex – meaning, you most-likely care about or fret about more than one thing, having multiple outlets to release and welcome in energy allows for a sense of balance that not only can restore energy, it can help to have it sustained.   If there is anything you take from this content, it’s this: it's necessary to make your outlets a priority. It doesn't mean you must pour excessive time into them, especially if that's not realistic in your life. What it does mean is that you must make it a priority to carve out some time to invest in yourself through your outlets, even if that just means five minutes a week.  2020 has a lot going on. In many places we look, there are alarming distractions that can pull at our attention, especially during our precious spare moments. Wouldn't it be nice to balance that out with investing in your well-being through