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Protect & recharge your energy core today

The hemorrhaging loss we experienced yesterday from COVID deaths and the violent attack on democracy from a misguided group of rioters left our country in shock, grief, anger, etc. I’m not going to give you a recap; you lived it. And if you’re like me, you were tuning in and couldn’t look away until you fell too tired to watch. We’ve all been through a rough past year and are most likely raw with dwindling stamina for any turmoil that is now hanging by a delicate thread. The promise of hope to a fresh start in 2021 was tarnished and stripped away yesterday. With bags of worry and fatigue that may be hanging under your eyes today, I wanted to offer you a way to protect your energy going forward with a self-care recharge exercise in this heavy time of grief. 8-steps to protect and recharge your energy core

  1. Sit comfortably in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed

  2. Take two slow deep breaths, at your own pace, back-to-back (close your eyes during this part if you wish.)

  3. Observe the quiet that is within you.

  4. Next, take three or more deep breaths, but as you do, notice your breath; notice your beating heart; and sit in this moment of observation for as long as you’d like.

  5. Next, focus inward. Specifically, tune into your metaphysical heart (inner essence of you). Allow yourself to feel whatever emotion you’re experiencing right now – if it’s tears, let them out; if it’s anger, let it out in a grunt or a growl, if it’s fatigue, take another deep cleansing breath and feel the energy it gives your body.

  6. Move through these emotions into any other layers that may be beneath them you may be feeling at this time. Allow yourself to feel them deeply too and just keep breathing and let them wash through you. Honor them by acknowledging them; honor them by moving past them. If it’s hard to move forward, picture yourself walking forward past an object you envision as that emotion.

  7. Next, put your hand over the center and top of your chest (just below your throat) and feel or recognize the core of yourself (your pure essence of who you are). Deep within, you know this feeling to be pure peace and love. Close your eyes after reading this step to feel your essence at a deeper level. Take two more deep breaths.

  8. Keep your hand over the top of your chest. Sit with this feeling for a while or as long as you want. Let it soothe and calm you. Let it remind you that this is the center of who you always are; it is here to ground, calm, and balance you whenever you are in need.

Regardless of what is going on in the world, you always have the ability to come back to your calm center of peace within you to protect and recharge your energy any time you want. May you prioritize recharging self-care, especially today.

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