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Let's take a break

It's time to hit pause. Between the heartbreak of the pandemic and the ongoing violence, a break is due wouldn't you say? 2020 doesn't have a great track record with regard to good news and it can be stressful to wonder what's next. These wonders and worries are bringing many of us to yet another breaking point. So right now, put away any external distractions that may be adding to your grief because this pause is necessary to recharge yourself.  It's time to connect with the peace that exists in our world and within you. Feel the breeze on your face while watching the leaves sway in the wind. Listen to the birds sing to each other in the sky. Sit quietly and observe your breath and heartbeat. Notice if you're holding any tension in your body and let it go. These are just some of the ways you can start to take a break and recharge.  What comes next is up to you. Think about what recharges you the most. If you're stuck not knowing what that is, recall what has brought you the most joy or relaxation in the past month. Perhaps it was when you were reading a book, taking a walk outside, laughing with loved ones, virtually catching up with a friend, listening to music, creating something new, or lounging in your home doing nothing at all.  When Happiness Recharge first began to unfold, my biggest recharger was taking pictures of nature. I didn't initially even have a camera to do this, rather, I used my phone in my backyard and that was enough to get me started. To me, it wasn't about photography skills. It was about being curious about the nature that surrounded me. In taking these photos, I found a stillness in nature and in myself. From small buds to large trees, I also discovered a resilience in life that was transferable to my own. The reason I mention this is to demonstrate that a recharging activity like snapping photos on a cell phone can lead to finding profound nuggets of meaning and fulfillment. I believe everyone deserves this fulfillment, which is one of the reasons I keep creating recharging tools for others.   After you are able to pause and find an activity or two to recharge yourself today, if you want to continue taking your relaxation break to the next level, below are a few ways I've created for you to be able to easily recharge. 

Even if you can't go to an ocean-side beach right now, let's go there virtually with this free 10-minute guided imagery meditation called ocean wave breathing. This meditation encourages you to let go of what’s been weighing you down to feel a renewed resilience.

Spend a half-day recharging yourself with a virtual retreat (free during the pandemic). This time is for you to focus on increasing your self-care, strengthening personal empowerment, finding more balance and creating a clear path ahead. 

Treat yourself to a modestly priced personalized guided imagery meditation. A meditation will be written and recorded specially for you. Turnaround time is typically within a week, but the goal is to provide quality meditations as quickly as possible. 

The world can feel intense. Especially in these traumatic times, remember to recharge with self-care often as it will add to your feelings of balance and grounding.  Kelly Stone Cramer For more uplifting messages, view all past recharge tips here. Feel free to connect with me via email at


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