De-energized? What are you going to do about it?

Energy, the most valuable force in our existence. Energy is transferable in meaning in multiple ways, like eating food to give our bodies energy or like wind farms that provide energy to create electricity for today's modern world.  Focusing specifically on our bodies and minds, what we absorb from the world can either deplete, sustain, or enrich our energy. From what you put on your plate, to what you put on your screen, the commonality for cause and effect here is your own actions.  One could argue that people have limited options for what they consume. It's like choosing breakfast from the cereal aisle. Lots of choices, but the only choices seem to be what you see. Whether you're applying this analogy to eating food or consuming information, you always have alternative choices than beyond what's placed in front of you. For instance, what if you chose to skip the cereal aisle altogether and make your own breakfast. The point here is that you have choices about what you consume that has a direct impact on your energy.  And if you've been feeling drained, sluggish, stressed, depleted, angry, sad, or anything related to negativity, think about your daily behaviors. Are you putting in a lot of screen time reading the news? It is great to stay up to date on the world, but it’s helpful to recognize when you're over the threshold of how much you can take in. Are you taking time outside to appreciate nature? Are you moving your body in exercise? Are you taking time to reflect? Are you letting yourself release stress? I realize how hard this is and for those who are unemployed; oppressed; sick; or are on the front lines taking care of all of us - it seems overwhelming. But whoever we are, we need to take care of ourselves and claim our power wherever we can. Whatever it is that you are or are not doing, it's time to take stock and reflect on what and how you choose to consume in your precious gift of life. The dumpster fire that is 2020 cannot be the sole thing you blame for a sour well-being if you are feeling out of sorts. It has been a rough year. But to you dear reader, I ask you this: what are you going to do about it; what are you going to do for yourself to feel better; what recharging outlet are you going to prioritize today to give yourself more positive energy; and what are you going to limit in your life that drains your energy? You are always stronger and more resilient than you think. So, if your energy level is on the low side, you have it in you to do something to improve your life. Don't believe me? Put your hand over your heart, take a deep breath, and close your eyes for a minute while you feel the beats on your hand and the expansion of your chest. Those beats and that breath is proof that you are a powerful life force, deserving of lots of energy and happiness. Taking accountability for your own energy in a world, and especially year, that can feel out of control is the best time to strip things down to the core and identify what truly recharges or depletes you. Reflecting on this (via journaling helps) in 2020 gives you the fuel to feel more energized and powerful.  So if you’re feeling de-energized, what are you going to do about it? 

Kelly Stone Cramer