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Are you a paver or a pather?

Both have their benefits and drawbacks. Paving the way lets you have a first look at what's ahead yet sometimes you might feel like you're moving forward with less sound footing. Following a path offers an aura of security but lacks a sense of adventure. 

Today, amidst the world's challenges during this pandemic, you can still grow if you want. You can grow by being a paver, a path-paver. If you're not ready and want to stay on the path you're familiar with right now, there is nothing wrong with that. The unknown is always available and ready for you when you want to venture off path.

Being a path-paver makes room for positive change. But to change anything for the better, you must bring out your bravery (taking one moment at a time is perfectly fine). Why you need to be brave is because creating change doesn't always include a guide. Most times you have to be your own guide. But this can actually play to your advantage. When you pay attention to your own lessons, which requires you to set your ego aside a lot, you'll gain your own customized wisdom that helps you navigate the terrain. 

In addition, being a path-paver lets you live in a world you're helping to create instead of attempting to fit into an outdated mold that may never even have suited you. When was the last time you refreshed your goals and dreams? Do they align with the times? These days there are so many more opportunities to pave the way by using new technology and tools. I know I have enjoyed tapping into today's offerings like self-publishing books, composing my own music, and offering virtual retreats. These are just my examples where I've been a path-paver for my own goals. For you, think about what talents, hobbies, and aspirations you could refine to what the world has to offer you today. You could even go one step further and think about how you can mold your goals around the new world you're helping to develop. 

If and when you are a path-paver you may find the efforts tiresome, especially if you are in constant motion. Paving the way takes extra effort because you're doing more work to create a clearing while also moving forward. You're like the jungle explorer with a machete. Eventually, your arms will tire from whacking away at the thick proverbial rainforest (sorry Mother Earth for the destructive analogy). Point being, you'll want to give yourself a break, or many breaks, when you're creating something new, creating a new way of being, developing new habits, learning a new skill, or even creating a new you.

During those breaks, you'll benefit from taping into your recharging outlets too. Prioritize recharging yourself and your self-care. Your genius path-paving ideas may even come to you during your recharging downtime (I write most of my Happiness Recharge content, including this, while I'm still in my bathrobe after taking a mentally relaxing shower). More creative ideas may even come faster when you're in action because you've recharged yourself.

So it's time to bring out your bravery and your mental machetes and begin being the best path-paver you can be to create growth and positive change for your life, regardless of the pandemic we're living through. What's convenient about this path-paver approach is that you don't need to rush out into the physical world to begin. You even can start with a simple brainstorm about how to revamp your goals.

You can do it! As an additional bonus, being a path-paver tends to bring out inner-strength, which we all could use more of during this time. 

Take care of yourself always and recharge your self-care often.

Kelly Stone Cramer

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Note: This content is considered to be life advice and not for medical purposes. If you need medical attention, please consult your doctor. Asking for help is never a sign of weakness, rather it's a sign of strength that you're advocating for your self-care. 


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