Gift Yourself a Personalized Guided Imagery Meditation
This is a personalized gift from you to you. A guided imagery meditation will be written and recorded for you based on the answers you provide in the form below. Be as descriptive as possible to get the most out of your meditation. Once complete, you will receive an MP3 audio file via email that is solely yours to listen to at any time. Each meditation audio duration is approximately 20 minutes. Turn around time is typically within a week, but can be up to two weeks based on demand. The cost per meditation is $49. You will be taken to a checkout page after you complete the intake form.​ These meditations are considered to be used for relaxation and entertainment purposes only, they are not to be replaced by medical treatment or advisement. The creator disclaims any liability for actions taken by customers. Please visit a health care professional if you need help (asking for help is a sign of great strength). Take care of yourself always and recharge yourself often.
What do you hope to achieve the most out of your personalized guided imagery meditation?
Where do you prefer to relax the most?
From these options, which is most important to you?
Yes or no, I believe I have the power to change my life for the better.
Yes or no, I am in tune to my inner-self (thoughts, truths, goals).

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