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Nature empowerment notebook collection: 6x9 soft covered 100-page blank notebooks with original nature artwork.

Cover message: I am fabulously amazing on a daily basis. Cover illustration: Grasshopper on a flower.

Cover message: Every day, I believe in myself. Cover illustration: Daisy flower in bloom. 

Cover message: I find comfort in my surroundings. Cover illustration: Flowers gone to bud. 

Cover message: A new day is my favorite kind of day. Cover illustration: Hummingbird on a tree. 

Cover message: Life is great and filled with wonder. Cover illustration: Sumac berries. 

Cover message: One can always find hope from within. Cover illustration: Ladybug on a stroll.

Cover message: There is always an unlimited amount of love flowing from my heart. Cover illustration: Firewheel flowers. 

Cover message: Life is meant to be peaceful and filled with sweetness. Cover illustration: Cardinal in a tree. 

Cover message: I aim to prioritize what is important to me. Cover illustration: flower about to bud.

Cover message: I always find new ways to grow my resilience in every day. Cover illustration: Cactus flower in bloom. 

Cover message: I see beauty everywhere in life. Cover illustration: Robin in flight. 

Cover message: When I take a deep breath, I know that I’ve got this! Cover illustration: Maple seed. 

Cover message: My life is enriching and fulfilling. Cover illustration: Daises with a bumble bee. 

Cover message: I am a fearless woman who perseveres through anything. Cover illustration: Back view of a rose. 

Cover message: I find happiness everywhere. Cover illustration: Tree in spring blossom. 

Cover message: I am incredible at 

everything I do. Cover illustration: Fern curling at ends. 

Cover message: Life is magnificent and is meant to be explored. Cover illustration: Hummingbird in flight. 

Cover message: I am built to persevere and use my infinite strength. Cover illustration: Cactus flower in bloom. 

Cover message: I deserve to rejuvenate my spark. Cover illustration: Maple tree branch. 

Cover message: I am strong and can get through anything. Cover illustration: Young tree sprouting leaves in spring. 

Cover message: I am an empowered being filled with life. Cover illustration: Aloe flower in bloom.

Cover message: I am amazingly brilliant and tenacious. Cover illustration: Dandelion gone to seed. 

Cover message: Today, and every day, I explore what inspires me. Cover illustration: Pigeon on a walk. 

Cover message: I am gentle with myself always. Cover illustration: Leaf showing veins. 

Cover message: I use my strong heart to boost myself and others. Cover illustration: Meadow flowers. 

Cover message: To love is to live life fully and freely. Cover illustration: Flower trail.

Cover message: I am one with peace and it’s all around me. Cover illustration: Ornamental grass blades.

Cover message: I can power through anything in life. Cover illustration: Eagle in flight. 

Cover message: I make time to relax and enjoy myself. Cover illustration: Tree budding in spring with bird. 

Cover message: I have the power to support my evolution. Cover illustration: dandelion in bloom.

Cover message: Daydreams are uplifting and the beginning of creativity. Cover illustration: Powder puff flowers.

Cover message: I am proud to be a weirdo because pretending to be normal is so boring. Cover illustration: goat on a stroll.

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