Happiness & Empowerment Videos

Watch these short videos to amp up your inner confidence, strength and happiness.

Team Calm Wins 

By staying peaceful in a chaotic environment you cannot control, your positive attitude/light can peek through the dissipating turmoil.

Stand Tall 

Be brave enough to rise above negative junk. Be a positive example to others and enjoy the brighter things in life. 

Peace is Within 

Paying attention to your breath can help you stay in the moment. Allow this to help you find peace and appreciation for the good things in your life.

Take a Closer Look

Your world is filled with vibrancy.

Zoom in on the beauty all around you.

Slow Your Pace 

Taking one step at a time will take you the whole way to your destination. There is no need to do everything at once. You will eventually get there.

Illuminate Your World 

No matter how big or small you shine, you're a beacon for both yourself and others to prevent stumbles in the dark. 

Pave Your Way 

Encountering roadblocks in life? You may have to take an alternative route. Use your determination, patience and positivity to get you there. 

Amp up Passion

Ever wonder how you can increase your passion? Learn how you can filter your strong emotions (good/bad) through outlets to better your life. 

Choose to Shine 

There are so many ways you can choose to shine in your life. Spend time doing what you love and allow your inner vibrancy to radiate. 

Explore with an Open Heart 

You can gain more ground when you travel on an unfamiliar path. Reveal your inner world as you discover your outer world. 

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