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Happiness Recharge Books

Work Peace in bag

Work Peace: Your Meditation Guidebook for Surviving and Thriving in the Workplace 

Discover the path to becoming a Zen professional without having to give up your day job or search for a guru atop a mountain. This incredible book will guide you towards a life of inner peace and harmony, helping you reduce distress and find balance both at work and in your personal life.

The purpose of this book is to engage in short meditations discreetly during work hours, although you can certainly practice them at home too. These meditations are equally effective in both settings. However, practicing them at work allows you to delve deeper into your emotions and thoughts, as you are right in the midst of your job. It might be helpful to choose an exercise from the book in the evenings, which you can then practice at work the next day. Regardless of how you utilize this book, remember that it is designed to enhance your mindset and improve your experience in the workplace.

This book covers a variety of meditation techniques, including mindfulness, visualization, guided meditation, body relaxation, focus, and movement. It also offers exercises to enhance your determination and empowerment through affirmations, as well as aims to raise your awareness through journaling and positive self-talk. These practices combine different styles of meditation and self-reflection exercises to provide maximum benefits for busy professionals.

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Gentle Recharging Book

Gentle Recharging: 52 Simple and Calming Meditation Exercises

There is no wrong way to meditate. This book is a tool to help you be inspired to go within, reflect, and let your inner voice slow to allow you to be gentle with yourself. It is your guide to let the quiet in and flow with a calmer sense of being.

These exercises are meant to help you find stillness in your life, decompress more, and let go of heavy thoughts and stress. They can reveal to you that meditation can be a powerful outlet that can allow you to tune into your thoughts while tuning out the excess noise, distractions, and overstimulation of the world. Get it here.

Recharging Logbook

Recharging Logbook:

Tracking Journal to Live Better

This Recharge Logbook is meant for anyone who wants to have a greater understanding of their health and well-being. It is divided into sections by each month of the year. It includes:

  • Two timeline graphs (for each month) – which are useful overview snapshots to have a high-level understanding of your well-being:

    • One to track symptoms (be they acute or chronic ailments)

    • Another to track rechargers (things that refuel you)

  • Messages of encouragement at the beginning of each month

  • A daily journal (space for all 365 days of the year), which allows you to log details of your everyday life: sleep quantities, stress level, pain level, diet, exercise, medications, supplements, vitamins, and a space for your notes

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Recharge Your Inner Peace and Power Book

Recharge Your Inner Peace and Power

This book is your guide to recharge your inner peace and power, which can be done anywhere. Using inspiration given by nature, this book includes powerful black and white plant photography, used to encourage your mind to become still and quiet. The content is intended for you to recognize and use your owner inner power. Let it launch you toward firm grounding so you can root yourself in order to grow into an even stronger and empowered being. Your own peace journal is included at the end of this book. Get it here.

Peaceful Empowerment Book
Peaceful Empowerment:
42 Ways to Strengthen Your Inner Power
Combined with nature photography, these 42 methods are intended to inspire you to find more balance, confidence and personal empowerment to live your best life. Available in paperback and ebook available. Get it here.
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(details below):

Happy Bright Light: A Weekly Empowerment Guide 
(available in paperback only as it includes a journal).
Gratitude, Goals & Growth 
This journal includes three sections to keep you organized and fulfilled. Create order by jotting down what you feel thankful for, your life's ambitions and ways you have grown to celebrate your evolution. Available in paperback only. Get it here.
Happy Bright Light Girl.png

A Weekly Empowerment Guide
This book is a tool for any individual looking to build their confidence and personal strength. It is geared specifically toward young adults who are gaining ground 
on learning who they are in this busy, fast-paced world. It includes nature photography (taken by the author), 52 inspirational messages (one for each week of the year) and a weekly journal (for readers to reflect and connect with their life experiences in order to grow stronger). Included in this weekly empowerment guide are 52 inspirational messages (one for each week of the year). Because the reader's input is equally as important, between these entries, there is space for personal thoughts and reflections. Each entry is accompanied by nature photography as reminders to everyone that they have similarities with our world. Just like the reader, both they and nature are continuously growing. Get it here.

Happiness Recharge Notebooks
Uplifting Nature Notebooks
​Want more? If you're a nature lover who loves jotting your thoughts into notebooks, or love giving thoughtful gifts, check out the nature empowerment notebook collection. These 30+ covers are all original and the illustrations were created from the Kelly's nature photography.
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