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Image by Carmine Savarese

Recharge yourself often.

Meet The Founder

Kelly Stone Cramer, the creator of Happiness Recharge, wears many hats - from motivational author to meditation facilitator, retreat leader, artist, and nature photographer. Her goal is to empower others to live their best lives by overcoming stress and fear, and achieving a sense of calm and wellness in both mind and body.


According to Kelly, the key to a happy and confident life lies in self-care. Her diverse range of content, including books, articles, photography, blogs, and more, serves as a valuable resource to help you recharge regularly. All of her work is original and serves as a model for making self-care a priority in your life.


The materials provided by Happiness Recharge are designed to help you feel strong, peaceful, and empowered as you strive for self-improvement.

"Recharging means something unique to each individual. It may evolve for you as time goes on. My goal is to provide you with gentle nudges and tools to encourage frequent recharging, motivating you to discover your own resilience, confidence, serenity, and joy just as I have found mine."

- Kelly Stone Cramer

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