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recharge and amplify happiness.

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    This source of inspiration may leave you feeling uplifted and motivated to be your best. 

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    Books include nature photography and empowering reminders that you are strong and peaceful.

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    Take an internal journey with guided imagery meditations. Relax and expand your growth.

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    Creations are based on recharging happiness to uplift and inspire an awe about life. 

Meet The Creator

Kelly Stone Cramer is a certified guided imagery meditation facilitator, empowerment author, retreat leader, and string artist. She created Happiness Recharge after going through a powerful life transformation. 


Happiness Recharge embodies tools to help others find their own empowerment and reminds them to prioritize self-care because happiness is a by-product of recharging. The purpose of this content is to share recharging inspiration and to demonstrate that you, and the world you live in, are fascinating and worthy of growth and exploration. May you find inspiration that awakens and sparks life within you to help build upon your empowerment, inner-strength, and happiness.

"When I wanted to improve my life for the better, I found that I had to change myself for the better first. After seeking and finding recharging outlets that transformed me, I went from being a disempowered people-pleaser who was living for everyone else to being a strong and empowered person. There are lots of ways to focus on self-care in the world; I've found there is no one method but many that are beneficial. The point is to make recharging a priority, whatever that looks like to you. I aim to share reminders to recharge often and to help inspire others to find their strength, empowerment, and happiness too."

- Kelly Stone Cramer


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